Balloon Padder with Detwister (Balloon Squeezer Machine)

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Basic Technical Data

Model DGRZ1400
Name Balloon Padding Machine
Function Stainless Balloon Padding Machine is used for impregnating softening liquid to wet process of double dip the tubular fabric,
then padding the residual liqiud. it can replace the traditional process of centrifugal machine and wet expander. It is high efficient and easy to operate. Tubular Balloon Padder is really a 3in1 powerful machine.
Suitable Fabric Wet tubular knitted Fabric
Material 100% stainless steel
Year of Manufacture 2020
Technical Data
Working  Width 1400mm
Working Speed 3-45m/min
Installed Power 11.45kw
Dimension 7700mm×2750mm×4000mm (L*W*H)
Weight Approx. 5.8T
Compressed Air 0.35-0.6MPa
Color Blue/Customized

Component of Balloon Padder with double dips

Name of Parts                   Description
Turning Table Turning table is driven by motor, it can turn clockwise or anticlockwise according to untwisting requirement.
Detwister(Optional) Detwister will auto detwist the roped fabric and infeed smoothly
Ring Guider Fabrics guide rings position (fabrics working breadth) is adjusted through lead screw, lead screw is driven by motor
Trough Make it by 304 stainless steel,anti-corrosion from the chemical liquid
Auto Blower After detwisting,the blower will inject air into fabric,it will be favor to utmost impregnate the chemical agent on fabric
Squeezer Squeezer consists of 2 sets rubber roller and 2 sets Pneumatics cylinder.
Stainless with double tip
The pressure of the squeezing roller is adjusted by two sets reduce valve.
The water squeezing device and softener expression device are driven by one motor separately
Two motors are controlled by inverter.
Tension Regulator Set with a regulation-resistance to adjust tension between squeezing roller and delivery device.
                                        Energy Consumption
     Item Consumption
Driving System 11.45KW
Steam 50-100kg/h

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