Calender (Vertical Calender, Textile Calendering Machine)

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    The Calender machine is used for processing cotton and cotton-blend tubular fabric. It equipped
with reinforced support plate, 14mm thickness of NOMEX blanket and mechanical folding machine.
After processing with this machine, the fabric could reach certain size and smooth appearance.
The Calendering Machine is an economic and easy operation model of textile machine. It can meet

normal requirements of fabric processing.
The Maximum width of the fabric: Single 1500mm; Dual 2x800mm

We can provide the following machine based on different heat sources: Steam /   electricity + oil.
Steam-heated drying cylinder is 140°C Max and the temperature of other heat source could reach 180°C.
    The Calender machine can process thick fabric (three-layer insulation fabrics).

                                  Basic Info & Technical Data

Working width     1450mm(cylinder length 1550mm)
 Machine speed    3~30m/min
Technical speed (actual speed when working)   15-20m/min(depends on process)
Steam box steam consumption   60~100kg/hour 
Temperature control precision      ±1
Cylinder heating pattern:    steam heating(consumption:4-6Kg/cm²steam 80-100Kg/H;)
Electric oil (consumption:25-30KW/H)
Recycling oil (consumption 30000-50000Kcal/ H)
Machine Power         
Steam heated  10Kw
Electric oil 46 KW/H
Circulation oil 10Kw
Dimension(L*W*H)  6400X2750X2250mm 
Weight     4.5tons


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