Tubular Compactor (Sanforizing machine, Preshrinking machine)

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The Tubular Compactor machine is used for tubular fabric compacting, which is equipped with magnetic shuttle system, precision folder, automatic folding table, 20mm NOMEX blanket. The fabric could keep in a stable size during this process after drying machine. Less than 5% shrinkage and excellent softness feel could be reached.
The normal heating source is Electricity and Steam. 

The temperature of steam heating could reach 140°C, other heating source's temperature are 180°C.
Our blanket 
of Tubular Compactor is 20mm thickness, containing NOMEX material, which could resist high temperature and not pollute the fabric.
*The width of fabric: 1500 mm Max.
*Standard diameter of Cylinder is 450mm.

  Basic Info & Technical Data

Model DGYS450
Name Tubular Compactor with Precision Folder (Standard)
Application Textile-finishing(shrinkage rate:2-5%)
Suitable Fabric Tubular knitted Fabric Pure cotton,wool,blended fabric(cotton content>65%)
Main Matching Fabric  Tubular fabric of above 50% cotton content 
Heating source Electricity / Thermal Oil / Steam
Pre-shrinking type 20mm Nomex compacting
Entry Strecher Magnet Shuttle
Fabric Exit Auto Precision Folder
Max working width of supporting plate 1500mm
Max working width of felt 1500mm
Working speed 5-30m/min
Cylinder temperature control type Top & Bottom control respectively
Cylinder drive type Top & Bottom control respectively
Max temperature of drum Electricity,Thermal Oil <180℃,steam<140℃
Width adjustment type Semi-auto
Power of machine 10kw
Power supply 380V/3P/50HZ
Control power supply 220V/24V
Steam box 3-6Kg/cm² made of stainless steel
Steam comsuption of steam box 50~100 kg/h
Compressed air  0.35-0.6MPa
Dimension L*W*H=6500mm*2740*2250mm

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