Not every padder could be called "Balloon Padder"

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About Balloon Padder machine, you can learn enough from our introduction and specification. Yes, it contains Detwisting unit, Ballooning unit and Padding unit, so that's why it is called " Balloon Padder". Because this machine is equipped with auto blowing system, the tubular fabric would be blowed into air becoming a balloon status, then enter into padder unit to squeeze. The fabric surface has no damage and no any mark, totally replace of strecher technology, which is old technology and make some bad effect on fabric. 
The balloon fabric is tensionless and natural status, it will be in a better effect after padding.
So, here we ask you to compare other so-called “balloon padder" machine, check to see if they have auto blowing system, if they are still using old strecher system, but call itself "balloon padder", it would be fake machine or cheating you with fraud intendness. 
Besides of this, the old tubular padder machine need 3 persons to operate, but our ”Balloon Padder" only need one operator, mostly it's automatic.Also, please check carefully and clearly, some supplier steal our photo and video regarding as their machine in advertisement, but they cannot produce and supply our machine for you, we here remind you of this kind of action to avoid any potential risk.

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